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ROGATEC – crossroads of history


Rogatec (hist. Rohas, Rohitsch) is located in the southeastern part of Slovenia, where the southern slopes of the wine-producing Haloze hills roll into the green Posotelje valley.

In this small stretch of land, wedged between the Donačka Gora mountain to the north and the Sotla river to the south, small but rare treasures of natural, cultural and historical heritage can be found. In the past, this was the meeting point of important transport and trade routes.

The people of Rogatec are increasingly aware of the natural and cultural riches of our small region and the heritage of our ancestors who, although persistently following new trends, never forgot their roots. For this reason, we have joined hands and have focused our activities in more than ten voluntary societies. We are proud and cheerful people with open hearts, and are glad to share our joy and optimism with others.

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